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It is used in cosmetics due to its regeneration activities. It does not cause any allergies or irritations of the skin and has moistening (it helps stop water in epidermis), soothing and softening action. It helps heal irritations and speeds up the process of regeneration of damaged skin. Products with allantoin decrease burning and redness of the skin hypersensitive to weather conditions, water or some cosmetics.

ALOES (Aloe Vera)

As a medicinal plant, it has been known from ancient times. It has medicinal activities due to its composition rich in different substances: mineral salts, organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, bioelements. It easily transfers to deep layers of the skin and mucous membranes. Cosmetics with Aloe Vera perfectly moistens skin, helps regenerate skin cells, protect against actions of free radicals, counteract formation of wrinkles.


It assists circulation and prevents cracking of blood vessels. It is rich in essential oils, fatty acids, amines and phytosterols. Cosmetics containing arnica are well absorbed through epidermis. They support blood circulation, have soothing and light anti-inflammatory action, and reduce edema. They are perfect for sensitive, reddened, thin skin with dilated blood vessels.


It is a natural active substance of marine krill that forms persistent and flexible, well attached layer, therefore it seals up cracking and protects against infections.

N-cetylpiridinium CHLORIDE

It is a quaternary ammonium salt of antibacterial, fungicidal and conditioning action.


It dries the skin, has antihidrotic action.


It is found in all plant and animal cells. It intensively moistens and retains water in skin. It has smoothing effect.


It is one of the most important natural bioflavonoids. It is gained from citrus fruits (pulp, peel and stones). It has positive effect on the improvement of tension of the vascular walls, which improves blood circulation and related functions of skin’s actions, such as thermoregulation. It protects tightness of blood vessels, has anti-inflammatory action and supports normalization of vessel penetrability. It decreases the risk of edema caused by inflammation of vessels and its complications. It increases blood flow, ensuring warming up, eliminates lividity.


It has strong fungicidal and antibacterial action. It is used for treatment of skin infections. It is effective on different types of fungi.


It is highly active for treatment and prevention against mycosis. It is an organic substance that blocks development of cell membrane of wide spectrum of fungi.


It contains biologically active ingredients, such as aescin that has sealing, astringing and antiedematous action on blood vessels. Used regularly, it shrinks dilated blood vessels, improving them at the same time and making them flexible, reducing edema and redness.


It regulates the skin pH. It is a natural ingredient that is responsible for proper hydration of epidermis. At the same time, it softens and slightly exfoliates dead skin cells.


It has keratolytic and exfoliating effect. It stimulates cell regeneration removing unnecessary horny layer of epidermis. It has antibacterial effect.


It is used in cosmetics as a mean causing the sense of coolness. It has effective action on thermoreceptors’ ends. It also shows locally anesthetizing and anti-inflammatory action.


It has softening and moistening effect. It is one of the main natural moistening ingredients. It is responsible for hydration of horny layer of epidermis. Urea deficit causes itching and exfoliating skin. It has softening, moistening and antipruritic action.


It is a complex of ingredients, such as urea, pyroglutamic acid, milk acid, lysine and keratin, produced by epidermis cells. It absorbs moisture, swells and makes the skin flexible.


It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic action. It has action against development of bacteria and protects the skin against infections.


It has antibacterial and fungicidal action. It has anti-inflammatory and regeneration effect. It is the source of natural antioxidants.


It has antibacterial and antiviral action. It is used in dermatology for treatment of mycosis and acne. It is effective on mycosis caused by dermatophytes or yeast. Used regularly, it prevents recurrence of mycosis and reduces bad smell in feet excessive sweating.


It has antiseptic and antibacterial action. It is used in products for skin cleaning, healing and disinfection of wounds.


It makes the skin flexible, smoothed and moistened. It is rich in necessary unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. It is used for care of damaged and aging skin. It prevents skin dehydration.

PROVITAMIN B5 (d-panthenol)

It belongs to the group of B vitamins, without which metabolism cannot run correctly. It is easily absorbed through epidermis. It is active on division of epidermis cells, speeding up healing and soothing irritations. It improves epidermis structure and has protective action on sensitive skin. It lightly moistens and softens skin.

Cosmetic TALC

It is intended for every-day hygiene of skin within the areas prone to abrasions and irritations. It absorbs the excess of moisture, prevents bacteria growth in places of excessive sweating, skin abrasions and painful irritations.


It blocks sweat distribution and limits bacteria growth.

VITAMIN A (retinol)

It neutralized free radicals, smooths and moistens the skin, supports regeneration of epidermis, limits exfoliation and roughness of the skin. Long-term use of cosmetics with vitamin A stimulates the cells of dermis, improves its flexibility and delays flabbiness. Creams with vitamin A are intended for gray, dry, exfoliating skin.

VITAMIN E (tocopherol)

It prevents from oxidation and damage of epidermis lipids, collagen and flexibility fibers. It catches and binds free radicals on skin. It nourishes, smooths, oils and moistens. Thanks to its wide actions, it is called a “vitamin of youth”.


It is a complex of unsaturated, easily ingested fatty acids. It regulates lipid and water balance of the skin, as fatty acids are one of the ingredients of external barrier protecting the skin from losing moisture. Vitamin F rebuilds the epidermis lipid layer and its physiological protective functions.


It moistens, oils and regenerates the skin. It is fat of high class used in modern cosmetics. It is very well tolerated by the skin and it has good oiling and protective action on epidermis.