Foot care creams and cosmetics – proven quality

Scan Anida Sp. z o.o. as a producer of cosmetics and medical products follows three priorities: quality, effectiveness and safety.

Our activity is based on many years of experience and constant improvement. For many years, we function in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 22716 (GMP for Cosmetics) and GMP for Pharmacy, consistently achieving goals determined in the Quality Policy.

Technology and ecology

We use the best, strictly selected materials, new technologies and systemic supervision over production. We care for comfort and esthetics of packages of creams and feet deodorants and other products, which ensure the high standard and optimal functioning parameters of our products. Thanks to our care of quality, we effectively compete with the world class producers.

One of the priorities of our activity is to care of natural environment. Therefore, we use reliable and effective technologies that help protect it. We value pro-ecological solutions: heat recovery and water recycling. We also implemented measures to reduce waste and reasonably use natural resources.

We value relations

We value long-term relations with our customers and suppliers that are based on trust and mutual benefits. We pay strong attention to the positive image of our company. We are proud of our employees and that they stay with our company for many years. Through our trainings, we provide constant skill development of our employees.

Andrzej Bińko
President of the Management Board
Cracow, April 15, 2010

Customer Laurel – ‘Discovery of the Year 2011’

Acerin Foot Care Series has been awarded with the emblem of Customer Laurel – ‘Discovery of the Year 2011’. In our category we competed with such brands as: AA Oceanic, Eveline, Sally Hansen and Pharma C Food.

The plebiscite is organized by the daily ‘Rzeczpospolita’. The rules for awarding the title are as follows: answers to the following question ‘What products, brands and services does the Polish consumer consider the best and recommend to others?’ are collected. Votes are collected by the telephone, face – to – face interviews and a plebiscite is conducted on industry portals. In total, a minimum of 800 votes are gathered together in each category and the winning product gains the most votes.

We are grateful to our customers for the recognition and trust they have given us. We will continue our work to improve and develop our products.

SCAN-ANIDA odkrycie roku

Award in the ‘Product of the Year’

Our flagship product “ACERIN liquid corn remover” enjoys a very good reputation amongst pharmacists. This is proved by the annual awards received in the “Product of the Year” competition, organized by the publishing house “APTEKA” from Wroclaw. Prizes are awarded based on surveys conducted among pharmacists.

złoty i srebrny talerz acerin - świat farmacji

Gazelles of Business

“SCAN ANIDA” has already received the title of ‘Gazelles of Business’ for the second time in the 11th edition of the Ranking of the Most Dynamic Small and Medium Enterprises. This title confirms the affiliation of ‘SCAN ANIDA’ to the elite club of ‘Gazelles of Business’, the group of the most dynamically developing companies according to the daily Puls Biznesu.



Award of ‘Product of the Year 2012’

Srebrny talerz, produkt roku 2012 Acerin

ACERIN products are manufactured in a company that also produces drugs. The production process goes with great care according to the strictly observed procedures.

Products are designed and developed in such a way to be effective, safe for the user and to maintain good quality throughout the declared shelf-life. They are first produced in a technological laboratory where a series of laboratory tests are conducted. After achieving satisfactory results on a laboratory scale, technology is transferred to the production scale. Accepted new formulations are subjected to specialized dermatological, microbiological and application tests, which are conducted to confirm their quality, effectiveness and safety of use.

ACERIN ACERIN products are manufactured only from high quality raw materials from qualified suppliers. Each raw material acquires a certificate of quality and cannot be used until it is verified by an employee of the Quality Control Department.

Modern equipment operated by skilled workers is used to manufacture products. During the production process, the Quality Control Department conducts interoperability and in-process inspections, and verifies the stability of every production batch. The Quality Control Department has a suitably equipped laboratory. It is an independent department and it makes all its decisions regarding quality assurance independently.

Products are stored and distributed in a way that guarantees the highest quality. Each series is appropriately labeled and released for sale after an authorized person certifies that it has been produced in accordance with all the required procedures.