ACERIN Cool Relax

Cooling foot gel

Effectively nourishes heavy, swollen legs, providing them with a feeling of lightness and relaxation. Moisturizes and softens the skin.
100 ml

Chestnut extract, Hesperidine, Mountain Arnica Extract, Glycerine, Menthol


Gel with skincare properties effectively cools and refreshes the skin, reducing the feeling of swelling and giving the legs a feeling of lightness. Chestnut extract and hesperidin reduce redness and soothe tired feet. Arnica, known for its microcirculatory stimulating properties, reduces swelling while the addition of menthol provides a feeling of cooling and relaxation. The gel moisturizes the skin, making it visibly soft and smooth to the touch.


Massage the gel into tired and swollen parts of the body several times a day, as needed. Avoid contact with eyes