Healthy and well-groomed feet - proper foot hygiene

You take care of your face, hair and body every day, right? You pay great attention to their condition and their appearance? Do not forget about your feet! To remain both healthy and good-looking, feet require proper hygiene and the appropriate products. Learn about the basic steps of taking care and enjoy your well-groomed and healthy feet!

Why is foot hygiene so important?
Although many people stop with simply washing their feet and give up on other hygienic steps, it is not worth repeating this mistake. Ensuring a conscious and thorough care of your feet is very important as it allows you to avoid many dangerous ailments, such as calluses, cracking heels, or mycosis of both feet and nails. The skin of the feet has a specific structure - it is filled with sweat glands, with a density six times higher compared to other parts of the body. Moreover, there are no sebaceous glands on the soles of the feet, the function of which is to release a substance that forms a protective shield for the skin. The secretion from these glands protects the skin against mechanical and chemical injuries, harmful bacteria and pathogenic fungi, as well as against the adverse effects of other factors. Feet that are void of such protection, and thus exposed to constant moisture caused by the activity of sweat glands, have no chance to remain in good condition if you do not observe proper foot hygiene. Feet affected by a dermatological problem are not only unsightly but also give off an unpleasant smell as well as hurt. Therefore, it is worth taking a moment every day so as to avoid problems with feet.
Proper foot hygiene - ways to maintain healthy feet!

Foot hygiene - a way to maintain healthy and well-groomed feet
Taking a shower or a bath alone is obviously not enough. This is just a prelude to further care activities aimed at maintaining healthy and well-groomed feet, but in this case, too, it is worth adhering to the right rules. Your feet should be washed every day and the water in which you bathe them should have the right temperature. Watch out for hot water, and instead use lukewarm water, which will bring extra relief to your feet after an exhausting day. Foot baths can be enriched with many ingredients that have a relaxing, refreshing, sweat-reducing or softening effect on the skin. When preparing a functional bath, baking soda and herbs such as lavender, mint, chamomile or field horsetail will be utmost beneficial. When the skin is properly softened, it is time to exfoliate. This is a necessary step because the skin of your feet tends to become callused. It is therefore best to get rid of the excess skin by mechanical means. Coarse peelings are a very good choice. Unlike foot grates or pumice, they work  in a gentle, yet effective manner. When using a foot grate or pumice stone, it is easy to break the continuity of the skin or even contribute to an effect opposite to the desired one. Excessively rubbed-off skin is stimulated to increase further growth of the skin, thus creating a vicious circle. Therefore, it is worth maintaining common sense and apply exfoliation treatments once a week.
Once your feet are clean and smooth, dry them thoroughly with a clean towel. It is very important to remember to wipe the space between your toes. Moisture in such nooks and crannies creates an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. Once your feet are dry feet, you can apply the cream. Remember that, due to the special requirements of the skin of the feet, you ought to apply creams exclusively designed for this part of the body as the content of such products is specially composed and includes many valuable substances which moisturize, soften and protect the skin. If the skin is exceptionally dry, you can apply a thicker layer of the cream overnight and put on cotton socks. This will provide a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, because thanks to the warmth the ingredients can penetrate the skin more effectively. You ought to use such creams every day and, from time to time, you can also reach for more intensive products such as foot masks. Various types of deodorants also help maintain proper foot hygiene. This last care step helps reduce perspiration and neutralize unpleasant odors.

Proper foot hygiene - related tips

Healthy and well-groomed feet – check the Acerin foot care products
Drugstore shelves are bending down with a plethora of peculiarities. However, if you want to take care of your feet in a conscious way, it is worth choosing high-quality products which are properly composed. Acerin foot care products help maintain proper hygiene and ensure that your feet stay well cared for and healthy. Here are the products that should constitute a must-have within your grooming routine.

Taking proper care of your feet is neither difficult nor time consuming, nor expensive. It is worth taking proper care of this part of the body. Thanks to proper foot hygiene and regular use of appropriate cosmetics, your feet will become your pride.

  • Acerin Lavendi is a cream dedicated to cracked foot skin. It makes it easy to care for dry and keratinized skin of heels. Thanks to its carefully selected ingredients, such as vitamins A, E and B5, urea and natural lavender oil, it accelerates the regeneration of cracked heel skin and makes your feet more supple. When applied twice a day, it softens the epidermis and prevents the recurrence of dryness.
  • Acerin Antiperspirant is an effective foot perspiration treatment in a comfortable cream form. It protects against excessive perspiration and provides both anti-perspirant and antibacterial properties to keep your feet fresh and dry all day long. Thanks to its consistency, the cream spreads nicely and absorbs quickly. Acerin Antiperspirant cream brings a feeling of freshness and comfort to even the most demanding feet.
  • Acerin Mask Intensive Regenerative Therapy is a special-task foot cream. Up to 15% of urea helps improve the condition of even very thick, dry and rough foot skin. Sweet almond oil and Karite butter moisturize and restore the skin's elasticity while vitamins A, E and B5 form a protective layer on the skin so as to prevent it from drying out anew. When applied 1-2 times a week, Acerin Mask constitutes a perfect complement to your daily skincare routine.