ACERIN Foot Protect

Foot antyperspirant

Protects against excessive perspiration and refreshes the feet, keeping them fresh and dry for a long time, without the risk of skin dehydration
100 ml

Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Menthol, Aluminium hydrochloride


Foot Protect immediately refreshes the skin and protects it against perspiration and unpleasant odor for a long time. It keeps the feet fresh and dry, ensuring proper hygiene without drying the skin. Additionally, it provides effective antibacterial and anti-irritant effects. The product is also recommended for people exposed to contact with fungal contaminants.
Dries quickly, does not leave impurities on either clothes or footwear.


Before first use, remove the spray head button protector. Shake well before use. Spray from a distance of approx. 15 cm onto washed and dried feet. Do not use on damaged and irritated skin.