How to take care of your feet?

On foot hygiene
Every day, our feet are exposed to an abundance of harmful conditions, they cover many kilometers while carrying the entire weight of the body. What is more, uncomfortable, not airy footwear, artificial socks and tights tire our feet and make them sweat. If we stop taking care of our feet, they will refuse to support us in the end.
Walking is the best exercise for feet. It supports improvement of general health – it stimulates circulation, prevents obesity and improves our wellbeing. Walking barefoot is especially advantageous. Every day you should perform some simple exercises such as walking on toes, heels, and external parts of feet, bending and extending toes, performing circular moves with the feet.
It is important to find some time for ensuring proper foot hygiene. Pay more attention to feet. Use special creams, deodorants, tonics and nutrients. The Acerin brand offer includes preparations that will solve various foot problems. Take advantage of our offer. Take advantage of our advice!

Clean and take care
Legs should be washed with not too hot water. After washing, areas between toes should be thoroughly dried off with a soft towel.
Pedicure is the basic care of feet. Before performing a pedicure, soak your feet for approx. 10 minutes in warm water with bath liquid or salt. Use pumice or special grate to remove dead skin cells from heels. Dry your feet and then cut nails straight, not in a round shape. Remove epidermis with a wooden spatula.
When dead cells of the skin are removed, apply ACERIN LAVENDI cream for cracking heels. The cream not only restores a beautiful look to your feet, but also supports skin regeneration. Thanks to the high content of urea (10%), it softens the skin of the heels and prevents cracking as well as strongly moisturizes and regenerates the irritated epidermis.

Foot massage is highly beneficial for the entire body. Start from a relaxing feet bath. Take a basin with water at a temperature of 40˚C. Add table or cosmetic salt. Soak feet for approx. 10 minutes. After drying them off, peel your feet with a product intended for feet exfoliation. Apply the ACERIN COOL RELAX cooling gel for the care of heavy and swollen legs on the washed feet and then, starting from the base of each toe, massage the feet in circular motions bringing them a feeling of lightness and relaxation.   
Simple stroking, pressing with fingers, rubbing or patting soles with a brush can also relax feet. After these activities, it is worth to lay down for approx. 10 minutes with your legs up, placed on a large pillow or wall. This stimulates circulation in legs and prevents from varices.

Moisten deeply
Hydration – this is what our skin and feet need most. Proper lotions and creams moisten the skin, soften the epidermis and keep it well hydrated. ACERIN LAVENDI cream will perfectly take care of that. Thanks to its light consistency, the lotion is immediately and totally absorbed by the skin of heels, thus leaving them well-hydrated, flexible and smooth. Furthermore, thanks to the content of aloe, allantoin and natural lavender oil, it also provides a soothing and protective effect. 

Regenerate during the night
Regeneration at night has a very beneficial effect on the condition of our feet. Apply a thick layer of ACERIN MASK on the washed feet, and then put on socks for the night. Thus, the skin will be rebuilt and regain its elasticity and softness. This procedure is extremely helpful for dry, cracked epidermis and should be performed 1-2 times a week. After the skin regains its elasticity, you can proceed with daily lubrication with ACERIN LAVENDI cracking heels cream and repeat the intensive regeneration treatment once a week.

For those who are active
Our feet must be resistant. Watch your figure! Obesity burdens your feet. Wear comfortable shoes made of natural materials. They should have small heels, wide caps, well profiled soles that amortize bumps while walking and running. When you can, walk barefoot on soft ground of sand, moss, grass.
If you have flat feet or find halluxes, contact an orthopedic surgeon..

Feet exercise
Walking constitutes the best exercise for feet. Legs get most tired while you sit or stand. When you walk or run, pain ought to disappear. Blood circulation oxygenates every cell. Legs of persons who walk a lot are stronger and better shaped. Regular walks provide legs with a large portion of oxygen, improve muscles and burn body fat. Furthermore, they improve general health – enhance circulation, prevent from obesity and improve wellbeing.
Walking barefoot is even more beneficial for our health. Furthermore, simple exercises such as walking on toes, heels, external parts of feet, bending and extending toes, performing circular moves with the feet, should be performed every day.
Riding a bike is also very healthy as it engages our calves, thighs, metatarsi and buttocks. Every step on a pedal makes the muscles of calves and shanks move, which in turn pump blood in the veins.
Going to a swimming pool regularly is also very beneficial. Swimming, as any other exercise, stimulates blood circulation in the whole body, helps maintain a slim figure, and is beneficial for limbs. What is more, cool water in a swimming pool stimulates veins for work, helps reduce pressure in lower limbs and normalize the whole circulation system. To avoid the risk of mycosis, it is necessary to wear plastic slippers. For people exposed to fungal contaminants, we recommend ACERIN FOOT PROTECT and ACERIN ANTYPERSPIRANT FORTE deodorants.

Before hiking, it is worth to obtain proper footwear. It must be resistant and comfortable. We do not recommend slippers or any stiff low-cut shoes that may cause corns and abrasions. Do not wear new shoes for hiking. If it is hot outside, it will be more likely for leg edema and feet tiredness to occur. During a hot day, even very comfortable shoes may cause problems.
The most common causes of foot problems include: too narrow footwear, high-heeled shoes, tights or tight socks, as well as shoes that are too loose. That is why it is so important to choose the right footwear for your needs.
Other problem that may be caused by too tight and unproperly matched shoes is blisters. They are usually filled with colorless, transparent fluid. Do not prick them. Blister should be protected with an appropriate plaster that will speed up the healing process.
After an entire day of hiking it is good to relieve swollen and tired legs. ACERIN COOL FRESH spray and ACERIN COOL RELAX gel for tired legs will surely help.