Tired legs – how to take care of them?

When you spend the entire day on your feet and spend every free moment in an active way, your feet and calves can become swollen and tired. Long-term standing or sitting, with relatively little movement, intensifies the problems associated with the condition of your legs. Learn the causes responsible for the feeling of tired, heavy legs and find out how you can alleviate them. 

Swollen legs – what is the cause?
Leg swelling results from water transport disorders in the body. They are formed when water, which is a component of blood plasma and lymph, is trapped in the intercellular space.
The occurrence of leg swelling is also favoured by improperly chosen shoes and spending most of the day in a sitting or standing position. This is why this condition is particularly often complained about amongst professionals such as hairdressers, office workers or drivers.

Tired and swollen legs - what should worry you?
Leg swellings are accompanied by a number of other symptoms that should grasp your attention. The first one is a feeling of heavy legs that seem like they have been cast in lead. There may also be tiny spider angiomas appearing on the calves and thighs, which are the result of ruptured blood vessels located shallowly under the skin. In some cases, patients with leg swelling also suffer from recurrent muscle spasms or RLS, i.e. restless leg syndrome.


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Effective solutions for tired legs
Swollen and tired legs are a problem that you can successfully cope with at home. Anything that facilitates blood and lymph flow towards the heart will help. So it's a good idea to start by soaking your feet in warm water with essential oils such as cypress, citrus or tea tree. Then lie down comfortably, placing your feet higher than the rest of your body. This position will help you get rid of swellings and let you feel your legs becoming significantly lighter. Drinking a sufficient amount of water can also help. When you provide your body with enough fluids, your body knows that it doesn't need to accumulate it to protect itself from dehydration. Also, reduce salt and replace it with aromatic herbs.
You can also get rid of the feeling of heavy and swollen legs by using properly selected cosmetics. ACERIN COOL FRESH cooling spray is available in a handy form, so you can reach for it in almost any situation. Thanks to hesperidin, chestnut and arnica extracts the spray restores the feeling of lightness to your legs. Menthol ensure a pleasantly cooling effect, evoking a feeling of freshness. When you have a little more time for your legs, try the ACERIN COOL RELAX gel. While applying the gel, it is good to perform a short massage. You already know how to deal with heavy legs. We hope that after applying our methods, you will go through life with a light step!