How to take care of dry feet?

Is the skin of your feet tight, rough and is clearly peeling off? These are the signs of insufficient hydration. Dry and rough feet cannot be underestimated. Find out what is causing this ailment and what can you do to restore proper feet hydration.

Dry and rough feet - causes
The soles of the feet - unlike other body parts - lack sebaceous glands. As a result, the skin is devoid of a protective barrier in the form of sebum. This is one of the reasons that makes the skin of the feet more likely to dry out. Dry foot skin often constitutes a symptom of vitamin deficiencies, it may also be the first symptom of diabetes. However, it can also be a disease recorded in your genes and passed on from one generation to another. Not without significance in this matter are also external factors as well as your habits and age. In the summer, the skin of the feet dries up more intensively than during other seasons. Wearing uncomfortable footwear and committing care errors lead to drying of the skin and formation of unsightly bumps. Older people are also more likely to experience dry feet. Knowing the root causes of this problem, it's worth learning how to prevent it and deal with it in an effective way.

Effective solution for dry feet
The key to restoring your feet's proper hydration and smoothness is regularity. Use proven cosmetics containing ingredients known for their strong moisturizing effects. One of them is e.g. urea, which intensively moisturizes the skin by attracting water molecules and accumulating them within the skin. This makes it an ideal ingredient of moisturizing creams and foot masks. When choosing the right product, remember to avoid products that only grease the skin. Ointments based on vaseline or mineral oil do not have any moisturizing properties but only create an occlusive layer on the skin that can retain water previously supplied to the skin. In addition to care, pay attention to your footwear as well. Choose shoes made of natural materials that allow your feet to breathe and cautiously refrain from flip-flops. This type of footwear is unhygienic. Due to the construction of this type of shoes, bacteria have a great opportunity to settle on the surface that directly contacts the foot, and scientists have found that one pair of flip-flops can comprise a habitat for up to 18,000 harmful microorganisms. In addition, wearing them increases the problem of dry and rough feet, because the soles naturally defend themselves against impacts.


Tips related to dry feet

Dry and rough feet - check the Acerin products
Very dry feet require special treatment. If you want to deal with the problem of dry feet, it's worth trying proven preparations, the composition of which helps not only restore hydration of this part of the body, but also help maintain it for a longer time. Acerin products will work perfectly in this role - an effective solution to dry feet. These are the cosmetics that will help you say farewell to your troublesome problem.
ACERIN LAVENDI is a cream dedicated to cracked heels, which acts on cracked and dry skin like a compress. Thanks to the high 10% urea content, it regenerates dry and calloused skin of the feet. Lavender oil and a complex of vitamins A, E and B5 restore the skin’s smoothness, elasticity and beautiful appearance.

ACERIN MASK foot cream is an intensive regenerating treatment that softens, moisturizes and regenerates the skin. The cream contains protein-rich sweet almond oil, vitamin complex, Karite Butter, glycerin, NMF complex and up to 15% urea concentration. This composition guarantees that the skin will be properly moisturized and nourished.
Rough and dry feet don't have to be your problem. Change your habits and use hydrated, and thus beautiful and smooth anew.