Excessive foot perspiration - causes

Does excessive sweating of the feet derive you of sleep at night? Have you been struggling with this acute problem for a long time, and yet you haven't found a remedy as yet? You're no exception! If you've had enough of the feeling of wet feet at every step, you should take a decisive action to help you deal with the problem. 

Feet perspiration - causes
The sweating mechanism helps your body maintain the proper thermal balance. The sweat production process itself is natural and prevents your body from overheating. Although you probably do not realize this, a healthy person's body produces from 0.5 to 1 litre of sweat per day. It is secreted by sweat glands spread throughout the skin. There are almost six times as many sweat glands on the feet as in other parts of the body. Sweat consists of 99% water, while the remaining substances include urea, lactic acid, lipids, carbohydrates and mineral salts.

Excessive foot perspiration - how to fight it?

Changing your daily habits will surely help. First of all, you should remember to maintain proper hygiene:

  • Wash your feet frequently, using lukewarm water and mild agents with an appropriate pH.
  • After leaving the shower, carefully dry your feet, not forgetting the spaces between your toes.
  • Regularly apply exfoliation treatments to help maintain the optimum thickness of the stratum corneum and proper functioning of the sweat glands.
  • Take care of yourself not only from the outside but also from the inside.
  • Change your diet by limiting the consumption of meat, cold cuts, onions, garlic and spices.
  • Give up drinking tea, coffee and other drinks containing caffeine.
  • Replace them with water and herbal infusions of nettle, sage or oak bark.
  • Eliminate stimulants such as cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Remember that choosing socks or shoes is not just a matter of fashion. Pay attention to the type of material they are made of.
  • Choose shoes made of leather and socks made of cotton, wool or bamboo yarn. They provide good foot ventilation.

All this will allow you to see the results at a glance.

Effective solution for sweating feet.
You can successfully fight with increased foot perspiration through easily accessible and effective cosmetic products. Products from Acerin brand are tailored to your degree of perspiration, and due to a variety of formulas you can easily choose the product that suits your preference.

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