Foot care - 4 steps to obtain beautiful feet

The key to healthy and well-groomed feet is to take care of them every day. Often, however, the individual foot care steps are performed in the wrong way or are simply omitted. How do take care for your feet so that they remain in good condition and look beautiful? There are just four basic steps enough to comprehensively take care of your feet. Get to know them and add them to your grooming routine!

Foot care - make your heels smooth
The skin of the heels often has a tendency to roughness, excessive keratosis and crack formation. This area of the feet is especially hard to care. In addition, you must remember that any breach of the skin serves like an open door for pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Therefore, while paying attention to the condition of the heels, it is necessary to take special care of moisturizing and gently exfoliating the keratinized epidermis. Once a week, use a gentle mechanical peeling to get rid of dead skin cells. Pumice and foot grates can harbour bacteria and using them too aggressively can lead to excessive skin abrasion. In addition to exfoliation, you should pay attention to moisturize your heels on a day-to-day basis. Products with a high urea content, such as ACERIN LAVENDI cracked heel cream, are ideal for this purpose. It is a cosmetic that contains many beneficial ingredients such as glycerin, natural lavender oil and vitamin A, E and B5 complex. As a complement, once or twice a week, subject your feet a real spa and apply ACERIN Foot Mask. This Intensive Repair Treatment contains as much as 15% of urea, as well as Karite Butter, sweet almond oil and vitamins. The perfectly selected composition makes the heels soft and moisturized, and thus the skin becomes more elastic and all irritations are alleviated.

Take care of your nails
Proper care of toenails not only makes them an ornament of the feet, but also prevents the development of serious health problems. Before you start taking care of your toenails, soak your feet in a bath with the addition of salt that provides a softening effect. This will make it easier for you to cut your nails. When cutting your toenails, remember not to cut them right at the fingertip and not to round their sides too much. This will avoid the problem of ingrown nails. Do not use metal files for filing your nails, it is better to use paper or glass ones. They do not cause the structure of the nails to break or split.

Get rid of calluses
Calluses appearing on the delicate skin of the feet are a problem that must not be underestimated for a dangerous inflammation may develop underneath their surface. Patience is the most important thing in the fight against corns and calluses. Under no circumstances must the calluses be cut or peeled off with mechanical tools. The feet on which calluses appear should be soaked regularly and the skin lesions themselves should be systematically lubricated with exfoliating and softening agents.

Feel fresh in all conditions
Feet often tend to sweat too much. This is due to the fact that there are six times as many sweat glands on them as on the rest of the body. Washing your feet frequently is therefore a must, but what if you can't refresh them in this way? It's best to implement care measures that will also reduce perspiration. After washing your feet, apply ACERIN ANTIPERSPIRANT Foot Cream. It has an antibacterial effect and helps keep your feet fresh and dry all day long. Additionally, you can apply the protective spray ACERIN SPORT ACTIVE Foot Deodorant and ACERIN COMFORT Foot and Shoe Deodorant that are both perfect for this role. Each product effectively counteracts increased sweating and eliminates unpleasant odours. If you need a product with a really strong effect, choose ACERIN FORTE. It is an anti-perspirant product which has an antibacterial and protective effect. Thanks to such care you will be able to feel comfortable for a long time. These four care steps will allow you to maintain good condition of your feet and enjoy their wonderful appearance at any time of year and in any conditions.