You ask - we answer


1. Can Acerin products be purchased over the counter?
Yes, foot care products are available without prescription in all pharmacies throughout Poland.

2. How to take care of cracking heels?
Night-time regeneration of your feet has a very beneficial effect on their condition. Apply a thick layer of ACERIN MASK cream to the washed feet and then put on socks for the night. The skin will be regenerated and regain its elasticity and softness. This treatment is ideal for dry, cracked epidermis and should be performed 1 - 2 times a week. Later, after the skin regains its elasticity, you can proceed with daily application of ACERIN LAVENDI cracked heel cream, and repeat the intensive regeneration treatment once a week.

3. How to care for feet exposed to fungal contaminants?
Foot perspiration can cause discomfort due to an unpleasant smell caused by sweat-metabolizing bacteria as well as mycosis-related problems.
Therefore, it is recommended to wash your feet several times a day, especially during the summer, and to use a foot spray or cream. You should  ensure that your footwear and socks are made of airy, natural materials.
ACERIN FOOT PROTECT, ACERIN ANTIPERSPIRANT FORTE and ACERIN SPORT ACTIVE foot deodorants will work well for people experiencing discomfort due to increased foot perspiration and exposed to frequent contact with fungi.

4. Can Acerin products cause allergies?
In accordance with cosmetic product safety requirements, each Acerin product has been tested for irritation and allergenicity. However, before using any cosmetic product, one ought to read carefully the product descriptions and product compositions, especially persons sensitive to certain cosmetic ingredients.